Discover the Sierra Franchise System:

  • A concept built around social responsibility and public involvement.
  • A truly international concept tailored to work in Asia.
  • High appeal to a local and international audience.
  • Proven operational procedures with a solid margin.
  • Designed to foster local ingredients and local value creation.
  • Fresh coffee, locally roasted.

Sierra Coffee – The International Franchise System

The Sierra concept delivers fresh and tasty drinks, food & desserts, along with an inviting, friendly
and casual experience. Fast internet and a focus on community involvement through social events means that every Sierra becomes a destination for meetings, events, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and mini-conferences.
east meets west
Giving guests a truly international coffee experience, and embracing the local conditions and cultural assets of Asia, makes Sierra great. Sierra was founded in 2010 in Bishkek, when the local coffee culture was in its infancy. We use local ingredients and encourage economic development, while delivering the best of American and European coffee culture. We import the best raw coffee from regions all over the world and roast it locally to ensure freshness, and a consistency in quality.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

All Sierra cafés open early enough in the morning to serve as popular breakfast locations with classics like Belgian waffles, pancakes and cinnamon rolls. Breakfast melds into lunch with soups, salads and paninis. Dinner means burgers, cheese steak sandwiches, spaghetti and beef stroganof. All meals are accompanied by the best of cappuccinos, teas, fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes. And of course, favorite desserts like tiramisu, brownies and apple pie! Sierra places the eating and drinking experience firmly in the hands of the client. The limited service allows clients to set their own pace without being bothered by wait staff.

The Sierra audience

Sierra is aimed at young professionals, business people, students and families. These customers spend most of their time on smart phones/social media, and our marketing strategy reflects this. Our focus on community, professionalism, service, and quality makes Sierra a hub of activity beyond eating and drinking with our desired audience.
The Sierra Advantage
Sierra roasts its own coffee locally in all markets; controlling production, and ensuring consistency in quality of drinks. Sierra has extended this standard to all other aspects of its cafés; using high quality ingredients in all food & drinks, and investing heavily in the development of excellent staff. Sierra is known for its people as much as for its food. Our staff create atmosphere which creates sales and profits!

A community hub

We built Sierra around social responsibility and public involvement. We enjoy taking part in community events whether it’s a fun-run, theatre, street party or business lecture. This close connection makes Sierra the place where people meet people, build networks and develop ideas.

Believing in people

Our people are our biggest asset. We have developed a proven training program that helps our franchise partners develop their staff; giving them a clear and viable career path. This increases the well-being and prosperity of our staff – it also enables us to create the open and friendly Sierra atmosphere, and provide goods and service to highest international standards.

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