Our Cafes –
Everything You Love About Coffee

From the start we’ve focused on providing the best coffee and café experience. The goal is to give you what you expect. To do this we focus on building a great team – a Sierra family that is happy and focused on serving others will deliver the best product to our customers. And of course, if you ever receive a drink that isn’t up to par, we will replace it for you!

Cafe Locations

  • Manas 57/1: +996 (312) 311 248 (Hours: 07:30-23:00)
  • AUCA: +996 (770) 969 673 (Hours: 8:00-19:30)
  • Ak-Emir: +996 (770) 969 675 (Hours: 07:30-23:00)
  • Karakol: +996 (777) 757 757 (Hours: 07:00-23:00)

In May of 2012 our first large café opened in Bishkek, right next to the Embassy of the Russian Federation on Manas St. At the time this was a huge risk. Many said we were crazy! The Kyrgyz Republic was recovering from a revolution, investment was down and many were leaving the country. On the other hand, aid money and interest in Kyrgyzstan, fueled by a more stable Central Government, began creating a better environment for investment.

In the end, our conclusion was that people would continue to shop, eat and drink coffee. We felt that the global café culture was about to break into the Kyrgyz Republic and why not be part of this global trend!

Since May of 2012 Sierra has opened other locations, both full cafes and coffee corners. These include a large café, bakery and offices in the eastern wing of the Tash Rabat shopping mall since April of 2014 and a small Sierra café on the corner of Baytik Baatyr (Sovetskaya) and Mederova St. since October of 2014.

Sierra Karakol, the newest addition to the Sierra family in Kyrgyzstan, is part of the successful Madanur Hotel in Karakol, offering our signature drinks and food along with event catering and conference facilities. Whether staying at Madanur, just passing through or you live in Karakol, enjoy fresh roasted coffee, fresh baked pastries, muffins and cookies, a nice juicy steak in the evening or our famous burgers made with 100% Kyrgyz beef.

We look forward to updating this page with new locations and bringing our Sierra smile to other parts of Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan!