roastingTo our customers & corporate clients, we guarantee that all our products are fresh and to the best of our abilities, ecologically clean. Our roasting facility guarantees fresh roasted coffee, roasted to order. We can guarantee large quantities of coffee and keep a well stocked warehouse of coffee, syrups and other coffee related supplies.

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At our cafes and coffee stands we do our best to give our clients the drinks, food and service that is expected. Our Guarantee is that if you are ever dissatisfied with a drink or kitchen item, we will fix the problem on the spot by providing a replacement item for free. A little side note – if you come in every day and complain about your drink and food we’ll figure out pretty quickly you just want free stuff. ☺

With a focus on creativity and a liberal policy of allowing people to sit, read, work and enjoy our café for hours, along with a no smoking policy and no alcohol, Sierra provides an environment to sit and study, enjoy time with friends or even participate in activities like book and poetry readings.

We work with our baristas to train them to bring out the best in the coffee, and continue their education with regular testing and internal competitions in both hot and cold drink preparation.

Our first café, Sierra on Manas St, gained popularity quickly among both foreigners and locals alike. In fact, despite the perception that Sierra is a “foreign” institution, Kyrgyz citizens make up the majority of Sierra’s clients. We strive to ensure quality service to all our customers, regardless of ethnicity, religion, passport country or politics!

We expect our team to serve you the best – let us know how we can do better!

To Our Corporate Clients…

brazil-in-bishkek-sm1Sierra strives to ensure consistency of supply to each of our corporate clients. Additionally, we are ready to work with you to create the perfect roast for your office, restaurant or hotel. Our warehouse is kept stocked with enough green coffee to keep up with spikes in orders.

Coffee Roasting Capacity: Our coffee roasting facility houses a 30kg roaster with an hourly volume of 70kg, a 10kg roaster with an hourly volume of 22kg and a batch roaster to roast and cup (taste) to determine how to roast each type of coffee for each of our customers.

Our packaging department can prepare small to large orders quickly and to your specifications. If there is a problem with coffee you have purchased from Sierra, you can contact us immediately with your order information and we will do our best to resolve the problem.

Equipment: Sierra supplies espresso machines, grinders and various cleaning and maintenance supplies for coffee. We also have technicians on hand to fix your equipment in your place of business.

Training: Sierra provides barista training as requested by our clients.